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You all must have heard of Taj Mahal but do you know what is the whole story behind it? Well…. I did not know until I visited this place in real. It is a mausoleum built in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal by her husband Akbar, the Mughal emperor. I visited this symbol of love with my dear husband view and it was definitely a lifetime experience. The Taj mahal Sunrise is beyond beautiful.

About Taj Mahal Sunrise

taj mahal sunrise

I never knew that the main dome of Taj Mahal changes its colors with the light. And at one moment it looks like the most beautiful architecture. I got goosebumps when our guide told us the story behind the construction of this massive structure. We could not resist ourselves to click the pictures of the beautiful dome in this bright light. It was more fun and easier to click load of pictures as there were very few people in the morning. We spent a few good hours there to admire the Taj mahal Sunrise view.

taj mahal sunrise

Let’s explore Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri

After spending quality time with Taj mahal Sunrise we went to visit The Red stone giant-Agra Fort which we found very crowded but everyone deserves to admire the beauty of this giant structure. It was also a fun part of our trip. We clicked pictures of fort, gardens, view of taj mahal from the fort and many more.

The last stop of our visit was the Fatehpur Sikri which I found a really soulful place. I experienced peace and serenity there. It might not be connected to such a famous story but I would suggest one must not miss the chance to visit this wonderful place. Dargah is the highlight of this place. I must say it is one wonderful place to visit.

Bedai: I had this in breakfast but my taste buds can still feel the delicious taste of it. And it is even tastier if you are having it with jalebi (sweet).

Shopping in Agra: You can visit the local market of Agra to pick up some really good stuff at a reasonable price. We visited Sadar Bazar in the night and it was quite a good market crowded with nice people.

Things to get from Fatehpur Sikri: You can look for showpieces and accessories that local people sell there outside the Buland Darwaza. You can buy these as souvenirs for your loved ones.

Overall, We had one amazing hectic day and The Taj mahal Sunrise view is definitely the most memorable part of this trip.

“We heartily thank Mr. and Mrs, Trivedi for sharing their experience with us”

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