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Black Marble Inlaid Table top

This irresistible Black Marble Inlay Table Top with colourful inlaying is beautifully crafted with art works such as Pacchikari or Pietre dura

Black Marble Inlaid Table Top

we are into offering a quality approved range of Marble Inlaid Table Top. These Marble Inlaid table top Pietra Dura/pacchikari are highly appreciable.

Handicraft Embroidery Kalma

Marblehaqarts have tried to keep this embroidery Kalma simple and pure yet wonderfully nice. We present you a very beautiful embroidery Kalma embellished on black cloth with very fine golden strings.

Embroidery Handbag

This beautiful black colour embroidery handbag with very detailings and high quality material. You can carry it with ethnic attire and make a statement look.

Embroidery Resham Peacock
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Embroidery Resham Peacock

This beautiful embroidered resham peacock wall hanging is so irresistible that makes it a must have if you are a craft lover. The silver strings stands out on the black cloth

Embroidery Taj Mahal

The miniature embroidery replica of Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful creations of Marblehaqarts. We have stitched this wall  hanging with very bright and fine wires.

Embroidery Taj Mahal Resham

It is our pleasure that we are able to provide you the embroidery Taj Mahal replica of the symbol of Love. It is such a beautiful and colourful creation that attracts your attention at a very first sight.

Embroidery Taj Mahal Wall Panel

Our wall hanging Embroidery Taj Mahal are available in different traditional designs and patterns. We also meet customized requirement as per clients need.

Handmade Handbag Embroidery Work

This pretty black coloured handmade handbag embellished with golden handmade embroidery work goes with any ethnic attire. It adds charm to your personality.

Inlaid marble Elephant
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Inlaid Marble Elephant Show Piece

Marblehaqarts presents you the White Marble Elephant with Inlay Work with aesthetic design and structure. The showpiece is made from finest quality stones and high quality marble.

Inlaid White Marble Chess

Chess can’t get more exciting than this when you play it on such beautiful Inlaid Marble Chess Board with such elagant design around it

Marble Inlaid Plate

This beautiful white marble inlaid plate engraved with high quality green marble stones makes it a worth buy. This Marble Inlaid Pietra Dura/pacchikar