Same Day Taj Mahal Tour – This is How You Make The Most of a Day !!
Taj Mahal Tour & Agra Tour
            Someone said it right, "Unplanned plans are the best ones". 
            And I can totally justify it with my wonderful experience.

We three best friends decided a night before to go to see the Taj Mahal. Since it was on very short notice we were not sure if we can book a trip with a good tour agency. We all started searching tour companies for the same day taj mahal tour and we got a list of some companies offering same day taj mahal tour and many more. Since it was all girls trip,  we wanted to book the best and the safest one. After going through reviews and ratings we all agreed to book a trip with Arush Tours. We called them personally for the booking and the response was beyond expectations. Even without a hesitation, they booked our trip on such short notice. Their responsiveness behavior was quite impressive.

Same day taj mahal tour

Our experience about same day taj mahal tour 

The cab was at our gate at the exact 6 o’clock and we headed for our trip. We reached Agra at 9:30 and we were in front of Taj within next half an hour :P. We could not be more excited. Best friends and City of Taj is one great combination I must say. We saw every nook and cranny. Pictures, pictures, and pictures !! We took so many of those as if it is our last trip. We all are really grateful to our guide for the most amazing pictures that are going to go on my wall for sure. After spending some fun hours there, we wanted to see Agra Fort. So after having lunch at quite a nice place, we headed for Agra Fort. I found it quite fascinating. It is a stunning beauty.Our tour ended around 5 pm. We bought the very famous “Panchhi Petha” for our homes. And then headed back to our place.

Arush Tours Client Taj Mahal Tour 9

Advise to you

If you don’t have much time but you want to see Taj, then Same day taj mahal tour is the best option. You can get a list of agencies, but I would highly recommend you Arush tours. I found it responsive, price friendly and very much flexible. It keeps its clients’ priority first, which is the best thing about them. We thank Arush Tours for making our sudden plan possible.

P.S. This blog is based on the review given by one of our happy customers.


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