Perfect Blend of Wonder Monument and Tourist Handicraft Shopping Agra
Embroidery Taj Mahal Resham

“Trips become even more joyous when you get to handicraft shopping the best”

I had one of the most wonderful experiences when I visited the city of Taj with my mother. I always wanted to visit Agra to see Taj Mahal but I got one more reason to be in love with this city. Taj Mahal and Handicraft Shopping in agra is a perfect combination. I could not ask for more from this city.  Agra is a sure shot destination if you want to buy incredible handicraft shopping products, marble showpieces and embroidered articles.

Our Experience of Full Day Taj Mahal & Agra Sight Seeing Tour from Delhi by Car

taj mahal sunrise

My mother sure enjoyed this trip more than I did. We first visited Taj Mahal which is a beauty to admire. It is not only a structure built of white marble, it is an emotion! It is a symbol which gave me a whole new perspective about love. It is mesmerizing. We spent some nice time there and then headed to Agra Fort which is a huge architecture made of red stones. Some part of it is built with white marble which looks really attractive. It is beautifully complemented with the small garden areas which adds to its charm. We tried to explore every corner of Agra fort. It took us a little time but it was worth the experience.

Handicraft Shopping Cart

                                        “Shopping is something that no woman can resist”

My mom took this way too seriously. My mom is like crazy for handicraft shopping in Agra. We bought Zari Taj Mahal, marble showpieces including coasterscandle diffusers and many more. That is not all, she also ordered Tabletop from Marblehaqarts. After shopping all these, she said, how are we gonna carry all this?  and I was speechless. But it was one interesting shopping experience, I must say.  

#1 Marble Inlaid Ashtray

White marble inlaid ashtray (Handicraft Shopping Product)

#2 Zari Peacock Wall Panel          

    Embroidery Peacock Wall Panel

#3 Embroidery Taj Mahal Wall Panel

Embroidery Taj Mahal Resham (Handicraft Shopping Product)

#4 Embroidery White Peacock Panel

Embroidery Resham Peacock

#5 Marble Inlaid Jewelry Box

White Marble Inlaid Box

#6 Zari Ladies Clutch 

White Embroidery handicraft clutch

Lastly, I am really thankful to our guide who not only narrated the history of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort but also took us to these great handicraft shops. My mother seems to be more amazed and excited. She clicked loads of pictures of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and hundreds of selfies. She shopped like anything. It was a real nice experience for both of us.

P.S. This blog is based on the experiences of Mother-Daughter Duo.



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